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The Message

The World Naked Bike Ride started life with a single message: "Get out of your cars and stop burning fuel."

Today that message has been broadened to recognise the entire global warming problem and the additional themes of cyclists' rights and body-positivity . . . 

1.  Protest against the global dependency on oil

2.  Curb car culture

3.  Obtain real rights for cyclists

4  demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on city streets and the country's highways

5.  Celebrate body freedom

How to carry your message

Before you come to the event, decide on how you will get your message across.

You can make a flag, a banner, a placard, or wear it on your body with body-paint.

Whatever you decide, you MUST make sure you can carry it on your bike safely!

It should be firmly attached to your bike, and not interfere with your ability to ride safely.

Here are some suggestions.  You might think of others.  The best slogans are short, sharp and to the point!

slogan 3.jpg
slogan 4.jpg


Ban Cars: Not Bodies!
Riding bare for clean air
Burn fat not oil!

Against Oil Dependency

Protest oil dependency
Oil is not a bare necessity but a crude obsession
Less crude, more nude
Less oil = More life
Sweat not oil
Our nude bodies are dependent on food, not foreign oil
This naked body burns calories, not oil
Infinite miles per gallon!
No Gulf drilling for this naked body
Slicks kill - stay alive!


Prudery won't save the planet -- bikes can!
Honk if you love bikes! Honk twice if you love naked cyclists!
Your butt looks better on a bike!
Bicycles make cleaner traffic jams!
Don't pollute this naked body with your SUV
My SUV habit costs so much I can't afford clothes
Gas prices increasing? I didn't even notice!
This is what a car-free society looks like
Human operated - Heart inside
Powered by people, not petrol
Curb car culture
Live car-free!
Real rights for bikes
No fumes here!
One less car
Honk For Silence
Stop indecent exposure to vehicle emissions
Get off your ass! Ride a bike! (thanks to Urban Velo!)
We are traffic
Pedal Power!
Two wheels good (but tricycles welcome!)
Bike for health and clean air
Bicycling is truly organic!
Car-free = Carefree
Make Bike, not Car
Occupy Your Bike.

slogan 5.jpg
slogan 1.jpg
slogan 6.jpg

Cycle safety

Now can you bl**dy see me?!
Can you see me now, driver?
Leave space!
Warning: HPV ahead [Human Powered Vehicle]
Actually, we're just as vulnerable biking with clothes on.
Share the Road!
Stop roadkill now!
You dent, I die.
Stop Killing Cyclists
(on a body) SOMEBODY'S KID or WIFE or SON or BEST FRIEND or MUM or DAD
Trucks: Stay back.
Kill Your Speed Not a Child
Birthday suits not body bags

War and peace related

No more blood, no more oil, no more wars on foreign soil!
No blood for oil!
Food Not Bombs for this naked body
No concealed WMDs on this nude body
Nobody died to fuel this bike!
Keep your Storm Troopers away from my naked body!
Crude oil addiction: How many lives per barrel?
No war, no hunger for a full tank!
This naked body doesn't kill for oil

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