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Media Coverage

Information and advice for journalists


World Naked Bike Ride New Zealand welcomes and supports positive media coverage.  We are more than happy to assist the press and photographers provided they undertake to present the WNBR in a fair and honest manner, focusing on the good intent of the participants, who are seeking to make the world a better place for everyone.

We also strongly urge journalists covering the event to write respectable and mature copy, without resorting to childish puns and worn-out cliches and double entendres that have plagued events involving nudity for too long.

Please read THIS GUIDE.  You will find it most helpful.  Also please check our  photo policy as it contains information extra to the normal journalistic photo policy.

Along with this site, there are many other good sources of information about the ride.  The international WNBR campaign also has an extensive Wiki Page with information about the mission and activities in countries around the globe.

Here are a few links to previous news articles about the WNBR New Zealand.

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