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Photo Policy

Here are the general rules according to law:


It’s generally lawful to take and/or publish photos or film people in public places such as a beach, shopping mall, park or other public place without their consent.  There is no expectation of privacy in these places.

You must not, however, film or take photos of people if they are in a place where they can expect privacy (such as a public changing area or toilet) and that person:

  • Is naked, in underclothes, showering, toileting etc 

  • Is unaware of being filmed or photographed, or 

  • Has not consented to be filmed or photographed. 


You should not take photos of people if:

  • They are in a place where they would expect reasonable privacy and publication would be highly offensive to an objective and reasonable person

  • It has potential to stop other people’s use and enjoyment of the same place, or

  • You have no legitimate reason for taking the film or photos.


Press and professional photographers

As a campaign, we welcome and support positive media coverage.  We will assist media to obtain good coverage provided they follow some basic rules to respect our participants – most of whom are supporting our cause but not seeking to become accidental soft porn stars.  We ask you to follow these rules to respect the participants’ privacy and thus merit our co-operation:

  • The areas used for preparation, body-painting, etc at the start / finish line is deemed to be a private location and should be treated as such.  Only media and other authorised photographers are permitted in the preparation area.  The general public / onlookers are not permitted to take photos of or in this area during the event.

  • You should make yourself known to the organisers when you arrive at the venue.

  • We advise you to have clearly visible PRESS identification so that you are not mistaken for problem photographers and so that people can avoid you if they wish.

  • Images featuring recogniseable individuals should only be obtained with their explicit consent.

  • Images featuring faces in a crowd should not be blown up to feature individuals without their consent.

  • Images depicting children must only be obtained with the consent of the child's parent or guardian.

  • For obvious reasons, images of naked children are expressly forbidden.

  • Images of children should not be published along with their name(s) on any media without permission from their parent or guardian.

Riders and other event participants and crew


We recognise that many of the participants want to keep or share their memories of the ride.  You are permitted to take selfies, or have someone else take photos of you at your request, PROVIDED that nobody else appears in the background without their explicit consent.

You must also adhere to the rules outlined above for the Press and other professional photographers.



Breaching any of the policy rules on this page can make you liable to court proceedings.  Don't take the risk!

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