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Hopefully you'll find additional answers to your questions here.

But please don't hesitate to CONTACT US for more information.  We're more than happy to answer any queries!


Do I have to be naked for the ride?


No.  You do NOT have to be totally naked to take part in this ride! 

While this is the World Naked Bike Ride, it is a CLOTHING OPTIONAL event.  The catch-phrase is "Ride as Bare as you Dare!"

This means that you can be totally naked if you wish, or wear as little as what you're comfortable with.  Some riders will wear nothing but body-paint, but if that is beyond your comfort zone then then we'd still love you to take part by wearing as little as you can cope with.

Isn't it illegal to be naked in public?


No.  In New Zealand there is no law that says it's illegal simply to be naked in a public area.


However, we have laws that govern behaviour, such as acting indecently or obscenely, or being disorderly or offensive towards other members of the public.  Simply being naked in appropriate circumstances does not meet the criteria for prosecution under these laws - even if someone claims they are offended by seeing a naked human body.

The relevant statutes are described in The RULES.  You can read more about this on the Hauraki Naturally website HERE

How do I register for the ride?


There is no need to register as a rider prior to the day, just turn up. 


However, you may like to assist us by filling in the form on the Join The Ride page.  It helps us to predict rider numbers, and you'll keep up to date with any alterations to the event.

I'm from out of town.  Where can I stay?

Bowentown Beach Holiday Park are offering a 15% discount on accommodation for riders at the Waihi Beach event.  Please book directly on their website and enter the code: NUDE15 when you go to the check-out.  Alternatively, you can call the office to make your booking by phone and mention that you're riding in the World Naked Bike Ride.  NOTE: You may NOT be naked within the Holiday Park. 

What do I need to bring?


Please come prepared!  Here are some things to remember:

  • Your bike (obviously!)

  • Cycle helmet

  • Water bottle

  • Placards, banners, flags.  And ways to securely attach them to your bike.

  • Body / face paints.  And your imagination!

  • Sunblock!

Can I hire a bike at reduced rates?


Possibly.  Please CONTACT the relevant organiser for the ride you are attending.  They may be able to help.

How can I keep up with any changes?


Fill in the form on the Join The Ride page and we can email you with any changes.  Also you can follow our Facebook page.


Will the event be cancelled if it's wet weather?


No. The ride will not be cancelled in the event of rain, but some rides might be shortened.

If so, we will announce this on the day, during the prep time before the ride starts.


Where does the ride start?


  • Takaka:  CONTACT Bryan for information.

  • Waihi Beach:  At Waihi Beach Hotel, 60 Wilson Road, Waihi Beach.  Access the carpark and picnic area at the northern end of the hotel.

  • Waitati:  CONTACT Julie for information.

We will be easy to find, just look for all of the cyclists!


What about parking?

There is  plenty of free parking in the streets around the start / finish area.  Please ensure that you arrive in plenty of time.  You'll have about 50 minutes to apply body paint and prep your bikes.

What's the route?


We do not disclose the route in advance.  Participants will be advised on the day, and you will be following a leader.  Be assured the ride is easy going, around 9 to 11 Km, and it's not a race!

Will I be photographed?


The World Naked Bike Ride occurs on public streets where photography of the riders is likely.  If you are concerned, you may choose to wear some face paint or even a mask to protect your identity.  Together with your cycle helmet it's highly unlikely you'll be recognisable.  However, please bear in mind that the ride may be covered by the media and coverage may also be uploaded to Youtube. 

The preparation area at the start / finish line is out-of-bounds to random onlookers taking photos, however please be aware that we strongly encourage all forms of media coverage of our ride.  We will be enforcing our Photo Policy at the Meeting Area and the post ride social gathering.

What is the photo policy?

You can read the Photo Policy HERE


I can't ride a bike.  Can I still be involved?

Even if you don't ride a bike, there are some cool ways that you can get involved in this fun event by joining our crew.

Check out the Join The Crew page for details.

What happens after the ride ?

Celebrate with the ride organisers and volunteers, and your fellow riders after another successful World Naked Bike Ride!

You may even make a new friend.

Details of how to socialise after your particular WNBR event can be found HERE

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