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The Issues

Issue 1

Too many cyclists are killed or injured on our roads by car drivers who claim that they did not see the cyclists.


New Zealand has a shameful record when it comes to cycling deaths and injuries on our roads.  We say to the car drivers, if we ride naked, can you see us now?

Issue 2

The planet that we live on is just as vulnerable as our naked riders due to a society that over promotes car use.


The average family car emits about 250 grams of CO2 per Kilometer.  That's 1 Kg of COevery 4 Km.  Ditch your car, grab a bike, and do your health and the environment a big favour.

Issue 3

Too many people of all genders and ages are unhappy with their bodies.


The beauty and fashion industries, glossy magazines and social media, dieting and fitness industries, all depend for their profits on convincing people that their bodies don't match their impossible ideals!  The result is that many people suffer depression and poor self-worth because they don't like how their body looks.


Clothing, too, contributes significantly to environmental damage.  It is estimated that the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions – more than international flights and maritime shipping combined.


We encourage all to come along “as bare as you dare” and be happy with your body!  You are beautiful just the way you are!

But, back to cycling . . . Below are just a few of the most recent reasons why the World Naked Bike Ride is important . . .

5 March 2022

A teenager, Levi James, was killed while riding his bike in Royal Oak, Auckland.  Levi was struck by a passenger van.  Because of the crash, a post-mortem examination was necessary and the family were unable to see Levi's body because of his horrific injuries.

Levi was struck by a car door being opened by a driver who claimed she didn't see Levi approaching.  He then fell into the path of a passing vehicle.

The stretch of road where Levi died has been subject to safety concerns and analysis for many years, with previous and ongoing suggestions that more must be done to protect cyclists.  Between 2014 and 2018, Auckland Transport recorded 61 crashes within a 50-metre radius of the roundabout.  It included one resulting in a fatality and another with a serious injury.

12 March 2022

81-year-old Gabrielle Bolt died in hospital from serious injuries received when she was knocked from her bike by a bus at the corner of Whincops Rd and Richmond Ave, Halswell, at 10.18am on Tuesday, March 1.

29 March 2022

Levi James.jpg

Levi James

Mother of two, Suzanne Fraser, was killed on State Highway 45 near Warea, South Taranaki  after being struck by a vehicle.

Police haven't released any details about the accident apart from saying the driver of the vehicle was “really, really distraught”.

Melissa Rays.jpg

4 April 2022


Melissa Rays only had a short stint of riding her electric bicycle to work before she died in a crash just metres from the family-run curtain hardware business in Mt Wellington.

Her boss and friend for decades, Tim Wallace, said Melissa was "doing her bit for the environment.  She had the bling pink helmet and fluoro shoes when she rode her e-bike to work; she was cool.  She was knocking on 60 and wanted to get a bit of exercise into her life; this was a new thing."


The driver claimed he didn't see her.

Melissa Rays

8 April 2022

Tom Clendon, 86, died in Nelson Hospital after he was seriously injured near Garin College, when an unthinking driver opened his car door right in front of the cyclist.

His daughter, Jill Clendon, said that many cyclists avoided traffic by staying close to cars, but Jill said she preferred to cycle further into the lane to steer clear of doors.  She believed more education for drivers and improved cycleways around Nelson could help reduce the risk to cyclists.

11 April 2022

Rutene Waitoa, 54, was struck by a car on Matawai Rd, Gisborne, shortly before 6 p.m.  He died in hospital the following morning.


1 May 2022

Geoffrey Buchanan died after a vehicle struck him while he was cycling along Weber Road, Dannevirke.  "Sadly, the cyclist died at the scene," police said in a statement.


27 May 2022

A cyclist died died following a collision with a vehicle on Parton Road, Pāpāmoa.  The cyclist died at the scene.


Cycling Action Network maintains a full list of cycling death statistics on its website HERE

Cyclists have a number of risk factors that do not affect car drivers. The main risk factors are decreased stability and a much lower level of protection than is given by a car.


In addition, a cycle is less visible to other road users than a car or a truck.


These factors, combined with the condition of the road, the environment, weather conditions, etc, give cyclists a high level of risk per time unit travelled.

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