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Please help us to publicise these fun community rides!

We would really appreciate your help to get the word out about the World Naked Bike Ride events.


Below are our posters that can be downloaded and printed.  It would be most helpful to the cause if you can print a few posters to take to your local cycle or sports shop, and ask them to place the poster in their shop window or other prominent place.

It is best to get the posters printed on a laser printer at a good stationery shop such as Warehouse Stationery.  We find that the inks on a home inkjet printer fade in outdoor sunlight quite quickly.

The posters below are offered in PDF and JPG file formats.  Use the PDF format if you can - it offers a far better quality print.  If you plan to take the file to a stationery shop for printing, take the PDF file.

 Takaka                      Waihi Beach               Waitati

March 18, 2023 Poster.jpg


Waitati 2023.jpg
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